What Does UNIPRO Mean?

UNIPRO is an abbreviated name of a non-governmental, non-profit legal entity –  UNION OF INTERNATIONAL PROFESSIONALS

International Professional is a person who has become a professional specialist in some field of activity, is trained to work in a certain field, having the skills, qualifications, and, if necessary, a license to perform their professional duties. 

International Professional is a member of the Union of the qualified experts enjoying a guaranteed representation by Union of UNIPRO to do the work at the international level. It is a person whose work meets the industry standard and who observes the requirements of the By-Laws and the Code of Professional Ethics. International professionals can work as individual entrepreneurs, as well as in the Associations (bureaus, organizations) in all parts of the world.

What kind of Professionals are included in our Union? 

UNIPRO – Union of International Professionals means a wide range of trained specialists of the following professions: lawyers, attorneys, private detectives and investigators, polygraph examiners, criminologists, psychologists, profilers, negotiators, anti-crisis experts, bodyguards, personal advisors on individual and business security, experts in the field of tourism, real estate experts, security agencies and private security guards, journalists, medical experts and veterinary experts, service specialists, dog specialists, sociologists, financiers, psychics, information technology professionals, teaching staff of higher and specialized secondary educational institutions, emergency managers and others. 

Veterans of the armed forces, special units and services, Ministries of Interior, Justice and other law enforcement agencies, who had proven their dedication and skills by their service to the people of the world, hold a special place among the UNIPRO Union members. After being transferred to the reserve, these people have chosen one of the above professions and continue to serve the people.

UNIPRO continues to train and educate its members beyond their primary university education. The main task is to constantly improve skills, consultations and popularize the work of professionals.

After testing, each member of the Union of UNIPRO receives a Certificate of professional competence as an International Pro, a pin and ID of membership in the UNIPRO.


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