Application Process

Step 1:

Fill out the following application – (click to download)

For Associations and Companies:

For Individual Entrepreneurs 

Step 2:

Gather relevant documents:

  • Copy of first page of passport
  • Copy of Driver’s License
  • Two pictures 2×2 inches or 5×5 sm.
  • Professional License or State
  • Registration of business
  • Copies of Diploma, Certificates, Awards, Medals, other licenses
  • Resume
  • List of Specializations
  • List of Professional skills
  • Copies of Memberships ID (if any)
  • Full contact information

Step 3:

Make yourself acquainted with the Bylaw’s, Regulation on Membership, the Code of Ethics and the procedure for paying enrollment and membership fees and undertake to comply with them.


Code of Ethics:

Regulation on Membership:

Final Step:

Once you have filled out your application, and gathered all of your required documents, please submit your files to for review. You will be notified with next steps.