Our Priorities

High Status

Membership of the Union of International Professionals UNIPRO is an opportunity to raise your status.

This means – to join professionals from other countries, to showcase your skills to clients and professionals in other countries who are looking for a specialist in your country with the recommendation of an international association on a Global level.

This means – to be a highly-trusted professional, a first-class specialist in your field.

The certificate, the ID, the badge and the pin issued by the Union of UNIPRO confirm the compliance of the services rendered by you to international standards. Information on your specialization in the UNIPRO database is a step towards a new level of successes, expansion of relations and appreciation on the world market.


In the Global market of hundreds of thousands of various organizations represented on an international level in the field of personal and business security, which one do you choose? Who should you entrust with a complex task? Who should you ask for or get a recommendation from? Do these professionals have a license? If not, who will confirm their vocational abilities? Once a person is faced with these questions, a problem arises. UNIPRO and its members are not a single entity or an individual entrepreneur, it’s a powerful, independent of any governments, non-profit organization on a global scale, and bringing together specialists from different professions. Even if a professional does not have a license (many states do not have laws on the activities of individual professions), UNIPRO, after a professional inspection and evaluation of the member’s knowledge and experience, will issue a certificate of professional competence, which is a UNIPRO guarantee and recommendation for getting a job.  It is PRESTIGE, isn’t it?


When you become a UNIPRO member, you join a community of like-minded people who have a common goal, to benefit other people and ensure personal and business security. Through all this, you will be enjoying the support of the International Union of Professionals. Your initiative, your projects and programs will not be idle for years waiting for official approval. The Union will support you at every level. Your voice will be heard in your country, because you are part of a Union of International Professionals.

We will not substitute for government organizations and institutions, we will assist them in dealing with people, and we will offer a helping hand when we are asked. We will be happy to utilize our long-term expertize, to ensure the security of people.

States do not promote the services of professionals in the media, on television and radio. When someone resigns or retires, and began to work as a private entrepreneur, he or she is forgotten, in most cases written off while his or her extensive experience is in great demand. Only together we can support each other. UNIPRO members will be invited to shows on social networks, their activities will be advertised on the Union’s website, and they will be able to upgrade their knowledge attending lectures, webinars and online courses organized by UNIPRO. The professionals’ achievements will be recognized and rewarded. Information about your activities will be posted on the Union’s website in the international professionals’ database, which will be available to anyone who is looking for a specialist in a particular country.


UNIPRO membership opens a lot of additional job opportunities. You are not just a sole specialist, but a proven professional recommended by a unique International Union of Professionals. Foreign employers have more confidence in these kinds of professionals. In addition, you become an independent expert in your field for foreign professionals in their handling of business matters. UNIPRO cooperates with international employment agencies and this is another opportunity to get temporary or permanent employment abroad. If necessary, the recommendation from UNIPRO is guaranteed.

“Professional of all countries, unite!”