Marc E. Singletary


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Atlanta, Georgia
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  • Served as а S. Marine in Kuwait and Iraq with infantry units during Operations Deseret  Shield and Desert Storm.
  • Involved in direct engagement operations, prison e1 apprehension, and removal of civilians оut of areas in conflict.
  • South Carolina State Port Authority Police in 1993, where he participated in joint task force operations,.with United States Customs Agents and the US Coast Guard.
  • Established TSP in Atlanta, GA in 2001serving small business owners as well as large property management groups, and in 2015, TSP expanded its footprint into Fl Mr. Singletary is responsible for supervising security officers directly and ensuring that all security posts are properly staffed as specified per the contract. 1n addition to the supervision of security, Mr. Singletary serves as а liaison and inspector of officers to ensure effective security coverage, overseeing the investigation of incidents, preparation of incident reports, maintaining control of client furnished equipment, addressing and resolving employee issues, implementing post and general orders, and communicating effectively with the рubliс.
  • Ensuring compliance with the Board of Private Detectives and Security Agencies (GA/FL).

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